Thursday, September 12, 2013

About Our Home and Garden

In 1998 we (my beautiful wife Carrie, son Byron and daughter Leili) moved into a typical suburban track home in Agoura Hills, CA. At the time the price was right. We bought it well before the bankster fueled housing bubble shot homes prices up through the sky. But it seriously lacked, as most track homes do, any character. But it suited our needs as it had some space on the side of the house to build out a guest house for Carrie's mom who passed on in 2013. 
If I could choose to live in any style home it would be a bungalow style affair with a natural garden. Such was not the situation, so I began work on trying to create a bungalow like home within a  California track home.
So so good.

Me and ma doggie Betzi.

Byron and Leili

My beautiful wife and best bud Carrie 

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