Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trash Out of New Home

We moved up to Cambria April 29th and found trash and all sorts of debris left my the previous owner. It was stored in every location imaginable under the house as well as in the garage, garden and around the the outside of the house. But the good news is that the inside of the house was very clean. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Cambria House

Packing up and moving on April 29th to Cambria on California's Central Coast

Our soon to be new home

 The floor plan. Basically two houses joined together by a large entry hall. There are driveways on both sides of the house. Great for guests.

Main side of the house

 Entry hall and music/game room connecting the two sides.

The grandkids/guest side of the house.

Kitchen and dining area used by all.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Family Pictures

I haven't posted much lately as so much as been happening. Byron is away living away from home in L.A. studying screen writing and Leili is dancing with San Fransisco Ballet. So we decided to move to the Central Coast area to split the travel difference between our two kids. We also want a place where both of them can come unwind when necessary.  

We're now looking for a new home that reflects our non-traditional way of living, not easy.  Wish us luck.

So in the mean while here are updated of pics of Byron and Leili for those who been asking about our aspiring writer and our beautiful ballerina.

Byron at the Getty Museum

Leili at the Disney Hall for a photo shoot with Discount Dance magazine

Best friends 

Goofing in San Fransisco

Our Cover Girl, Leili,  for Discount Dance.

Byron immortalizing Harry Potter with a tattoo. The Harry Potter series turned Byron onto literature and writing.

Byron getting his first tattoo remembering his little brother Max

 Leili preparing for her first performance in San Fransisco Ballet's The Nutcracker

Leili being Leili

Byron on campus

Family night at the SF Ballet Nutcracker while Leili has a night off from performing.

We've come a long way

Saturday, October 24, 2015

16 Years a VIP

October 2016 was my last month as a Interpretive VIP (Volunteers In the Park) for the National Park Service at Cheesboro Canyon in Agoura Hills, CA. Time to get ready to move from Agoura Hills to the Central Coast.

I've spent nearly every Saturday morning for the last 16 years welcoming visitors and sending them  on their way into the Canyon. I've enjoyed same of the greatest, craziest and funny people. It was a  little slice life passing before my eyes on those Saturdays mornings topped off with an occasional rescue. I administered a lot of Bactine (technically against Park rules for volunteers) on scraped knees and elbows. 

My view on Saturday mornings. My beautiful Valley Oak tree that was my companion while I drank my tea early on Saturday mornings before visitors started showing up.

The visitor trailer, a rusting old steel can but my home on Saturday mornings.

A better view of old steel box

Early Saturday morning 

A little later on Saturday morning

A little quieter in the back country

During Byron's High School years he would occasionally join me as a VIP along with Betzi.

Vanesa , one of my regular visitors looking for her horse cookie

Last day, the crowd is gone and the old steel is closed for the last time my yours truly. I leave it to new VIPs take care of.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cleveland Sage

Cleveland Sage (salvia clevelandii) in full bloom. It doesn't take much rain to bring out the spring colors of one my favorite plants. No irrigation necessary.

Lower left corner is Ashyleaf Buckwheat (eriogonum cinereum) that was easily transplanted a few years ago from the hill above my home.

Some picks of Cleveland Sage in the morning sun.